Pen Review: Pelikan Classic M200 Demonstrator

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Pelikan often makes special editions for several pen models it owns. The Classic M200 and M205 models are among the ones that frequently receive new special editions. I have already reviewed one regular edition pen in this range, the Pelikan Classic M205 White-Silver. The pen is an excellent mid-sized writer that holds a lot of ink and carries a wonderful stainless steel nib. This review is going to cover a special edition of the M200 lineup, the Pelikan Classic M200 Demonstrator.

Basic Information:
Fountain Pen: Pelikan Classic M200 Demonstrator
Nib: Stainless steel medium nib
Filling System: Piston
Production: Special edition

1. Packaging (9/10):
The Pelikan Classic M200 Demonstrator does not come with any special edition packaging. The box and pen pouch are exactly the same as the ones provided to the regular edition pens. Personally I like the packaging and I think it’s well designed for the pen’s price range. I don’t really have any complaint about it having the same packaging design.

2. Pen Design (8/10):

The M200 model shares identical dimensions with the M205 model. The main difference is the colour of the nib and trims. Just like the other M200 fountain pens, this pen equips a gold plated stainless steel nib and gold plated trim rings on the cap and the piston knob.
Being a demonstrator fountain pen, this special edition released back in 2012 doesn’t need any ink window on the barrel, because the entire pen body is transparent. The cap is also transparent. Therefore everything can be easily seen. Overall it is very cool to look at. However, many others may think the demonstrator pen doesn’t look as expensive as the other regular M200/M205 models, since all of the internal parts are visible and anything that’s stuck inside can also make the look less favourable.

3. Filling System (10/10):

Just like the M205 White-Silver, this pen utilizes exactly the same piston filling system, which is my favourite filling mechanism.

4. Nib Performance (9/10):

Also similar to the Pelikan Classic M205 White-Silver, this pen carries a stainless steel medium nib. The only difference is that since this is a M200 model, the nib is gold plated. The performance of the nib is identical to the one I have reviewed already. It is one of the best quality stainless steel nib that I have used.

5. Pen Cleaning and Maintenance (8/10):

Since the nib unit is removable and the piston filling mechanism operates extremely smoothly, flushing the ink is fairly easy. However, since it is a demonstrator pen, any ink trapped inside will give the pen a difficult time to keep its crystal clear look. Usually ink tends to get trapped inside, near the grip section. Also the ink may be stuck behind the piston seal. In addition, the inks that tend to stain pen materials may discolour the barrel. Any of these issues may make the pen look not as attractive. The users may have to be extra careful choosing the ink to be filled and clean the pen more frequently.

Packaging: 9/10
Pen Design: 8/10
Filling System: 10/10
Nib Performance: 9/10
Pen Cleaning and Maintenance: 8/10

Total: 44/50

The Pelikan Classic M200 Demonstrator is a well made mid-sized piston filling fountain pen. Being an entry level special edition demonstrator, it requires extra care to avoid ink staining the transparent material. If you do not mind the extra effort and enjoy using a demonstrator fountain pen, this pen has a lot to promise. It offers a high quality stainless steel nib. Combined with the large ink capacity, this is a very good daily carry pen.


For the list of pens currently for sale, please visit here.


19 thoughts on “Pen Review: Pelikan Classic M200 Demonstrator”

  1. I -really- want one… it’s gorgeous! But I’m still hoping the M400 / M600 line will bring out a demonstrator… I love the 200 line, but I really like the gold nib ones more. Sadly, M800 / M1000 are too large for me to write comfortably with (and look at the pricing… *winces*).
    Great review! Thank you for this.


    1. Thank you! I didn’t get the M805 Demonstrator because as I mentioned in the review, since the ink gets stuck at the grip section, then I can’t justify that price point (I want either a pen that I cannot see this issue, or a demonstrator that’s inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t care too much). I would be interested if Pelikan makes a M600 demonstrator! Maybe not the M400 since it’s the same size as the M200 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see that, totally. Though in my experience if you use easy to clean ink, you get the discoloration out rather quickly. But I don’t have a clear Pelikan demonstrator yet, so I don’t know how they behave.
        I adore the gold nibs from Pelikan, and that’s the thing I can’t have in a M200. I’d switch if I could 🙂 So yes, I’m all for the 600, though the 400 I wouldn’t mind either. I have way too small hands 😉


  2. I actually didn’t know until you mentioned it that they were the same size. That is very much an option – though probably not for a demonstrator, as there isn’t a M400 demonstrator and that would just look weird 😉 I’ll have to research it, it sounds like a really good idea. Thank you!


    1. You’re welcome! Just keep in mind that even though they are the same size, the M200 doesn’t have one ring at the grip section’s edge (M400 has one), has only one ring on the cap (M400 has two), has only one ring on the piston knob (M400 has two), and has plastic cap top logo (M400 has metal cap top logo). So if again if the M200+gold nib option is not much cheaper than a M400, then the investment may not be worth it!


    2. Also what I mean by saying the ink gets stuck is that, it seems that there is empty space near the grip section between the pen barrel and the front section, so that ink is trapped there and it’s hard to clean it. Removing the nib doesn’t help because that empty space is inside the pen. You can see that shown in the last photo of the review (look for the part that has red ink stuck). So it’s not only discolouration, but rather having ink not easy to clean.


      1. not to mention that clear caps have that annoying tendency to get smudges inside 🙂 That keeps happening to me. Not too bothersome, but then, my demonstrator is the blue one. But yeah… that does sound a little annoying.


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