Pen Review: Pelikan Classic M200 Black

The Pelikan Classic M200 Black is currently for sale. (SOLD)

For the list of pens currently for sale, please visit here.

When I just started using fountain pens from Pelikan, I stayed with the M200/M205 and M400/M405 model size for quite a while. One reason was because the larger models are fairly expensive. And I didn’t know how much more those ones could offer. Another reason is that these smaller sized pens do fit my hand very well. Therefore, as I was trying hard to grow my Pelikan collection, I picked up this Pelikan Classic M200 Black.

Basic Information:

Fountain Pen: Pelikan Classic M200 Black
Nib: Stainless steel fine nib
Filling System: Piston
Production: Regular edition

1. Packaging (9/10):

The Pelikan Classic M200/M205 line offers one of the best packaging in its price category, in my opinion. This M200 Black has the same box and accessories as the two other pens I have reviewed in the past (M205 White-Silver and M200 Demonstrator). The box is sturdy and the small pouch inside offers good protection for the pen.

2. Pen Design (8/10):


The Pelikan Classic M200 Black shares exactly the same length and shape as the two pens that I have reviewed before. The main difference here is the colour of the pen. Being a regular edition pen, there isn’t anything particularly outstanding. The cap and barrel are in black, and the trims are gold plated. Just like the M200 Demonstrator, the stainless steel nib is gold plated, so that it matches with the rest of the trims. Black and gold is quite a classic combination for pens. It makes the pen suitable for many professional settings or formal occasions.
On the barrel near the grip section, there is a build-in ink window. It is in dark green and when the ink is filled in full, it is not very easy to be seen. I really like this design. It is both very functional, and doesn’t have too much impact to the overall appearance of the pen.

3. Filling System (10/10):
I often have no problem with Pelikan’s piston filling system. The ink capacity is great and the piston operation is always very smooth, even on the relatively entry level Pelikan piston filling fountain pens. It works even better than some of the more expensive non-Pelikan ones.

4. Nib Performance (8/10):

Comparing to the M205 White-Silver and the M200 Demonstrator, this M200 Black is equipped with really the same nib, except that it is in the fine size. The nib performs quite well and there is nothing that needs to be fixed. However I do find that this nib is not as springy as the other two stainless steel Pelikan nibs that I have reviewed. Therefore I have to take one additional point off. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent nib that performs well on all kinds of paper. There isn’t much unique character to it, but it just writes without any major issue.

5. Pen Cleaning and Maintenance (10/10):
Cleaning this Pelikan Classic M200 Black is very easy. The piston operation is efficient and effective. Inks can be flushed away quickly. If the ink tends to be not easily washable, then the nib unit can be removed to gain direct access to the ink chamber. The pen is made from resin. As long as it is taken good care of, I don’t expect anything more than the usual micro-scratches.


Packaging: 9/10
Pen Design: 8/10
Filling System: 10/10
Nib Performance: 8/10
Pen Cleaning and Maintenance: 10/10

Total: 45/50

If I can only choose one piston filling fountain pen, I will find it difficult to pick any particular model, but that pen is surely from Pelikan. Even on the entry level models, Pelikan puts a fairly decent piston mechanism there. It’s the smooth operation and maintainability that make me keep coming back to the wonderful Pelikan pens.

The M200 size is on the small-to-medium side of fountain pens. For its size, the pen offers excellent ink capacity, along with a well performing stainless steel nib. There isn’t anything to complain about this pen. For its price, the pen offers good features and a consistent writing experience. But this pen is not my favourite pen, just because I find the appearance of the pen a bit too plain. Certainly it’s great for any professional setting, but I expect something more than the classic black and gold. Nevertheless, if this classic styling is what you are looking for, and you are interested in a smaller sized piston filling fountain pen, you may want to give the Pelikan Classic M200 Black a try.


The Pelikan Classic M200 Black is currently for sale. (SOLD)

For the list of pens currently for sale, please visit here.


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