Toronto Pen Show – 2015

The Toronto pen show is the first pen show that I have been to. While I had high expectations for it, it certainly did not disappoint. I was able to meet many wonderful people there and get quite a few things that I am glad to add to my collection.

Before the show, I made a fairly long wish list that covered from pens to inks, and from pen pouches to inkwells. It turned out that none of the items in my wish list showed up or was appealing enough. However, I found something much more interesting.

My first find is a pair of Pelikan M200 nibs. One is a regular italic nib and the other one is an architect’s point. The architect’s point is particularly fun to play with. I think the nib offers a bit more style to the writing and it didn’t take me too long to get used to it.


After getting the two Pelikan nibs, I continued to explore the rest of the show floor. Along the way I was able to see many pens that I have never seen in person before, which was super exciting. However, I didn’t find anything that made me want to have a closer look, until this, the Delta Dolcevita Oversize:


I used to think that the Delta Dolcevita medium size would be the best size for me. I quickly realized how perfect the oversize is the second that I picked it up to try.

Gold coloured trims are usually not my favourite. But with the beautiful orange resin, I think the gold trim on this pen is a good match.

After that, I got the chance to send a few of my pens to the nib meister in the show. I have a few nibs that I would now prefer a finer width, and a nib that needed tuning to fix the flow issue. I am really glad with the result. The nibs write exactly like what I wished for, and now I can enjoy these pens even more.


Overall, I think the Toronto pen show exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed it. It was a good opportunity to find treasures that I won’t usually get to see in person and the best chance to meet people in this great community.